Lessons from the spin room… to the boardroom

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

I’ve loved spin bike classes for years, and currently teach three classes a week as a spin instructor. During my time teaching spin, I noticed a lot of lessons I could take back to my business clients!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an exercise room at 6 in the morning, or a boardroom at 2 in the afternoon – there are some consistent paths to success.

1. Energy drives everything …and it’s all about the energy that you’re sharing through the room.

During spin classes I focus in on my energy, and channeling my enthusiasm onto the people I’m teaching.

I use my energy to help them find the passion that I’ve found – because you need a lot of passion to get excited about exercising first thing in the morning or after a long day at work! Once someone’s in that zone and they’ve uncovered that beautiful feeling, it can lift someone out of a dark day into a really good mood.

It’s the same in business. After I’ve been working with a client for a while they find that my energy and passion is starting to rub off on them, that they’re excited again, and excited about things that they thought weren’t possible – things that they thought they couldn’t do.

The energy you bring into your business every day rubs off on your customers, and you’ll get back what you’re putting out. You’ve got to bring that energy and passion.

2. “It’s about you – it’s not about me”

People come into their first spin class with a lot of fear, particularly younger people. They’re self-conscious, they’re worried about what other people are thinking in the room, they’re probably worried about what I’m thinking.

I tell them, “This is about you, this is not about me, this is not about anyone else in this room. This is about you.” We create a space where it’s clear from the beginning that people can come and enjoy the environment, enjoy the music, and be there for themselves.

My most successful spin students are the ones that understand the class is about them, not anybody else.

With my business clients, I make it clear from the start that I’m not an ego driven person – it’s nothing to do with my ego, it’s all about my client, their team, and their business.

Customers need to know that although they’re getting a product or service from you, the end results are all about them.

Empower your customers with that knowledge, and you’ll be rewarded with a loyal, dedicated customer base.

3. Know your limits, so you can grow your limits

One of my favourite things to tell new spin clients is, “I know CPR, but my God I don’t want to have to use it!” I tell them at the start of the class what to do if they’re struggling – to pull back on the intensity and just do the best they can.

It’s much better for people to spin at a pace they’re comfortable with, ease into it, and feel confident enough to come back for another class and start to improve... instead of pushing themselves too far, to the point where they hate it and never come back and start to see the benefits.

Business coaching is the same; it can be intimidating to have someone come into your business, and it can be tempting not to let any of your challenges ‘show’ to an outside person.

Sometimes, though, it takes a new set of eyes to uncover things that people may not see about themselves or their business. When I uncover that weak spot with a business client we push it to the side, and then work on what’s really good, really hone in on it, and start to drive change.

When you have the confidence to face up to your areas for growth, you can start making the first steps towards positive change.

If you’re always faking it, you’ll never grow.

4. Build trust by giving your customers control

People come to a group fitness class because they want the instructor to motivate them to be the best that they possibly can. They want to make changes, and they want you to help, but it can be intimidating.

So I tell them: we’re going to set you up on the bike, and you’re going to be in control of everything you do.

My business customers know that I’m not going to come into their business and make huge changes – I’ll make the best recommendations possible, but they still have control over what their business is about and what they’re doing.

I want them to feel that it’s an open conversation and that no matter what, they’re still going to be in control.

Great relationships need trust, and letting your customers feel in control is one of the most powerful ways to build that trust. If you can build a sense of comfort in your customers, they’ll open up to your business more and more, and that’s when you can really start to make a difference.

5. Have fun…because it is fun! You’ve got to have a real fun side to you, both in spin and in business – if you sweat the small stuff in life, you’ll never get through it.

A couple of recent examples… we had an older gentleman in one spin class and he dressed up for his birthday! I also met a business client for the first time and she was quite nervous about meeting me… when I left she was like, wow, she just gave us so much information and I’d love to catch up with her for a wine!

I came here to do life, and to do every single minute as the fun, passionate, caring, energised, crazy person that I am.

There’s an energy within your body that is there in every single person – so find people who want to enjoy life, who want to enjoy that crazy energy, and bring them along on your journey.

Building the energy in the spin room
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