How healthy is my site?

SEO audits, in other words how healthy is your website?

Whats really going on in the background both visually for your clients and at the back end for the search engine.

Would you fix your own plumbing or call a plumber? That's right you would call a plumber, this area is no different for your site its your shop window!

  1. Why can't I be found on page 1 of Google?

  2. Metatags, are these correct or what even are these

  3. My shop window is my site, is it visually appealing to people or too cluttered?

  4. Does this talk to the search engine in the right way?

  5. I paid heaps for my site and have had it for years, it should be fine!

  6. Am I mobile optimized properly?

And these are only some of the questions which I get asked!

All of this will not only make your site perform better but also aid in you getting more potential clients and sales through your business.

How do you know if you need this done? Well I have given you a head start below, run your site through the below FREE link to see what your score is.

So what are you waiting for get started and let's make contact!

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