Covid-19, What's your come back plan?

We are looking down the barrel of this lockdown potentially being over in the next 2 weeks or so, while we won't go back to normal immediately things will slowly start to head in that direction. Do you know what your post lockdown plan looks like?   

I wanted to share the 5 key points that you should be setting in place to ready your business for opening its doors again. 

1. Website Have you had a good look at your website recently? If not this is a PRIME TIME while working from home. 

I would suggest running a HEALTH check so you can have a look at the current state of your site, and identify changes which you could or should make.  Perhaps it's time to look at creating a new site, this could mean engaging in a new conversation with a quality local company. 

Here's the health checker I use:

Happy for you to reach out and share your results with me and I can point you in the right direction.

2. Digital What is the state of your digital? Questions to get you thinking:

When did you last review your current state of play? 

Are you happy with your results? Do you want more customers, or a different kind of customer?

Do you have the right amount in place and what other areas could you be looking at? 

Again I am open to helping guide you in this area if you like?

3. Facebook Business Page Having just created one of these myself, it's a nice soft way to expose your business on a regular basis to an already captive audience and at times throw your net a little wider to attract more. There are heaps of ideas and suggestions to run a solid Facebook page, happy for you to pick my brains on this.

4. LinkedIn Business Page This is another great platform to reach out to B2B, find interesting industry insights, and showcase what you have on offer. It's a great idea to post something on a regular basis, maybe weekly to fortnightly. Love for you to connect with me on here so I can share in your business updates:

5. Branding, Radio & TV The icing on the cake, branding your business is probably more important now than ever. It's in times like this we draw to listening and watching as much as we can to keep across what is going on in our country and around the world. 

So why not put your trusted brand in these spaces, showing clients that you are strong and here to help them when they need you. We have a number of options when it comes to these and can create a package to suit all budgets and situations, taking you from radio to NewsHub to our on demand platform ThreeNow. 

Keen to discuss more? I have examples and pricing, reach out for a chat. 

Be planned and be ready for the next stage. 

Take care 


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