COVID-19, How important is my marketing now?

As you know I am in the marketing space helping clients achieve their business goals through the right marketing channels. There are so many questions, where to now, what do I need to be doing, what should I be doing, how long will this last......??

Well the answer in short is yes you should still be continuing to conduct business in a normal manor, because when this is over you want to be there as top of mind.

Thinking about the change in environment could mean that there will be more people working from home, no overseas holidays, more domestic travel, more family trips almost back to how life was a number of years ago! With this in mind people will be spending more around their homes and on these domestic adventures so let's support our local businesses helping them to get through and be there on the other side.

Our situation is changing on a daily basis, one of the most highly used and trusted places for New Zealanders at the moment is NewsHub.

Now as you know while reading the news you are served ads which are targeted off the back of how you search (and geographically targeted) therefore why not place your business in this space? As businesses we still need to remain top of mind letting potential clients know its safe to do business with us and that you have the right protocols in place and that YES you are still OPEN!

The digital space (display, linking to your website when clicked on) is a very soft advertising approach yet keeping your potential clients safe & informed about your business.

We have some excellent packages available at present to place you into this space, we will create your ads from images you provide along with your desired message. Packages available from $1000 - $2000 per month with monthly reporting. If this is not something you have tried in the past now could be the perfect opportunity to stay ahead of the rest.

Let me know if this is a place you would like to be placed in, booking spaces now!

Stay safe and chat soon.

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