5 top tips for an engaged sales team –

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

1. Spend time with them! Spending time with your sales team is fun! Get out on the road with your team, take the time to visit their customers and be in their shoes. You’ll learn their actual strengths and weaknesses so you can give them useful advice.

There’s nothing more annoying for a sales team than being told how to go out and suck eggs.

2. Create opportunities to listen Your team are telling you the pain points, but are you listening? It’s hard to understand when you’re not out in the field. Muck in and spend the time with your sales people – over coffee, lunch, wine or whatever it takes.

For a team to feel engaged, they need to feel heard. 3. Treat your staff like valuable customers

Relationships, relationships, relationships… your team form a relationship with their customers, so why shouldn’t you form a relationship with them? It’s important to have a relationship with your sales team as they are your customers every day!

Build trust, have empathy, know who they are and what makes them tick. 4. Learn the day-to-day Do you have any idea what your team’s day looks like or how it runs? It’s is a classic management move to not know how or what the day is made up of… and if you don’t truly understand what your team are doing it’s hard to step in and help solve their problems.

Do the day’s work that they do, feel, see and run like they do. They’ll respect you for it. 5. Let them see behind the curtain Give your sales people the management perspective, why not let them come and be a manager for the day?

Ask around your team and find out who would enjoy a work day in your shoes, show them what happens behind the curtain.

They’ll feel empowered and you never know, there could be some hidden talents lurking in your sales team that you should be using.

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