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About Me 

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I’m Mel Morgan - a high-energy business advisor with a flair for delivering innovative growth strategies and allowing you to accelerate your business using the right marketing strategies.


Melsells Marketing was created from my belief that every business owner deserves to enjoy their business. After 20 years in sales, advertising & management I’ve seen too many clients get tangled in day-to-day issues and suffer from stress, lost confidence, and lost revenue as a result. 

I realised it often took an outside perspective for clients to move past their current challenges, start seeing success, and rediscover the passion that led them to start their business in the first place.


I create tailored marketing growth strategies for my customers, giving them honest, expert advice in a friendly and empathetic way. My platforms & stages of marketing are effective and will inspire new life into your sales.


Working with me will give you the confidence to achieve sales results beyond your own expectations, and revitalise your business in the process!

Let’s catch up for a chat over a coffee (or a cheeky wine), and learn how my track record of delivering great results for businesses can work for you.

What can you expect when you work with Me?

I’ll work alongside you in your business to streamline your marketing processes, clarify and strengthen your growth strategy, and improve your results.

We’ll start by spending time together to explore your current strengths and challenges, then create tailored marketing recommendations and (if required) staged plans long term processes. I understand that every business is different, so your plan will be tailored to fit your business structure and goals, and take into account the emotional experience. Change can be challenging, and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution! 

Once you’ve had time to review my recommendations, I’ll work with you through the implementation process, and stick around until your preferred recommendations are in place and your marketing process is running slick.  

I have an immense amount of respect for people’s individual goals and passions, and bring this energy to every business I work with. You can expect open, two-sided communication at all levels of your business, and a lot of laughs along the way.


“I came here to do life, and to do every single minute… I want to find people who want to enjoy that with me, and bring them along on the journey.”


"I love Mel's style, direct, honest and to the point, taking all the fluff and gobbledygook out of often hyped up marketing talk.  I have received great advice and support in expanding our brand and sales, and always feel very well served by Mel"


Karen Lowe - Gavin Lowe Energy 

“Mel was fantastic to deal with. She was able to explain the mechanics and advantages of different digital marketing strategies in very clear terms without reliance on any jargon. She was always available to answer any queries and very adaptable. Her formidable marketing knowledge and skills were backed up by a team of wonderful writers and analysts. I strongly recommend getting in touch with Mel, whether you’re just starting out with marketing in the digital space or you’ve been there for a while but want to gain more traction. She really knows her stuff!”

Sarah - Goom Group 

"We have been working with Mel for a number of years in the digital space, not only does she understand where to place us but has a deep understanding of our business and what our needs are. Her style and down to earth approach makes us feel like we are in very safe hands.  

If you are looking for a local, professional, honest and reliable digital marketing company, we recommend Melsells Marketing"

Dave - Storageplus Christchurch


“We have been working with Mel for many years. Most recently she helped to create our new website. She is very easy to work with and takes the time to understand the business fully so that you get the best results.” 

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